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Always will be a person available to welcome the guest.
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21/09/2020 by Daniel Raya

We are available 365 days a year and anytime to receive guests. We introduce and explain to the guest the operation of the property, had over the keys, we request the identification documentation and make them sign documentation if it belongs.

  • Contact with guest

    We solve all the doubts that guests can have before entering the house. We set the schedule for giving you the keys and check-in.

  • Wait, reception and welcome in the house

    We assist the guest to find the house while we wait for their arrival. We explain the operation of the house, as well as any peculiarity to know about it.

  • Delivery of keys

    We deliver two sets of keys for each property. Said keys must be returned the same day of check-out.

  • Introduction to the neighborhood

    We explain to the guest the closest supermarkets, where to buy basic services such as hairdresser, gym, etc …

  • Tourist tips

    Depending on the length of the stay, we recommend a plan so that the guest can see the most important things. Discover the tourist services that we offer to our clients.

The complete management service of HomesCollections includes the welcome of guests in the apartment.
This aspect is very important because the first contact with the city will greatly condition the progress of your stay in the apartment in the city. If everything goes smoothly and the welcome was warm and friendly, the customer's sentiment will be positive during their stay.
That is why we are very concerned about punctuality, we offer the welcome service in different languages so that the proximity is as close as possible, and we also take care of the details by providing the necessary information to the guest.
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Multilingual service

Does HomesCollections comply with the legal obligations?

In each welcome moment we request the signing of the necessary documentation, we take the identification documentation of each customer, and we provide this information to the National Police at the lodging department.